Who's you preferred entertainer?
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Author:  harmfuljays [ Wed Mar 25, 2009 11:15 am ]
Post subject:  Who's you preferred entertainer?

Personally I will take Sean Avery's irritating style....his in your face stick waving girl friend mocking attitude over Ovechkin's showboating.

But I am sure you all will disagree.

Author:  Hounsy [ Wed Mar 25, 2009 11:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Who's you preferred entertainer?

the only thing about OV that pissed me off was the stick on fire thing and that may be more about lameness than hot dogging. I'll take OV making moves with the puck over what ever Avery does any day for entertainment.

Author:  Pokecheque [ Wed Mar 25, 2009 11:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Who's you preferred entertainer?

What!? This is even a debate???

Ovechkin and the Caps are possibly the most fun team in hockey to watch. Me and Cali had a blast watching them here in Denver last season. Watching Avery pull his bullshit isn't entertaining in the slightest...only reason I'd pay to watch him is if I were guaranteed to see him get his face mashed in like Tootoo did against that Sharks guy a while back.

Author:  Bosc [ Wed Mar 25, 2009 11:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Who's you preferred entertainer?

I don't find Avery funny or entertaining at all. The only reason I would feel compelled to watch him is in hopes that someone delivers an amazing beatdown on him. To me he's simply an attention-seeking idiot and I wish he'd go away. I agree with Hounsy that the stick too hot to handle was lame, but I think he's just out there having fun. He's passionate, he loves to play and he loves it when his teammates score as much as when he does. I don't think his intent is to mock or embarass the other team. That's pretty much all Avery does, including embarassing himself and his own team.

Author:  Tuzer [ Wed Mar 25, 2009 9:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Who's you preferred entertainer?

C'mon Harmy!!What?Is this the stupidest poll ever??? :roll:

Author:  Chris18 [ Wed Apr 15, 2009 9:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Who's you preferred entertainer?

I hope to see Ovechkin deliver a sound beat down on the Annoying One. Or, fly past him and score a hat trick per game in all four games of the first round. :D

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